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Yesterday, NCB’s raid was held at Bharti’s house, today problems have increased


Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh are not taking the name of the problem for the time being, and now for the last two days, there are many media reports about them which are coming out and it is seen making trouble for them. Which is quite a serious case. Now to tell why this has happened and what the whole case is, you will have to go to the raid tomorrow. Actually, NCB was informed through a paddler that Bharti Singh’s name is in a drug related case.

After this, the house of Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh was raided. Several media reports said that a small amount of intoxicants were also recovered from their house, but the whole truth is still to come, after which both of them were taken into custody and taken to NCB.

This does not stop at this only, Bharti Singh and Harsha have been medically examined to know whether they actually consume such substances. After this, the NCB will present these two before the court and demand some days of remand so that further inquiries can be made. This can increase problems for them because if remand is sought and the court gives them, then both of them may have to stay inside for a long time.

So what will happen in future? Nobody knows this thing because till now whatever has come out in front of them is just and accusation and investigation is going on, on which the court will give the final decision in the end but the problems will increase day by day is.

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