World cricket legend Don Bradman’s first cap auctioned in crores

Live hindi news: – Don Bradman is an international test cricketer for the Australian team. He was widely accepted as the best batsman of all time. He made his Test debut against England in 1928 for Australia.

He is considered one of the greatest Test batsmen in the world. He has played 53 Test matches for Australia and scored 6966 runs. He has scored 29 centuries and 13 half-centuries. Bradman holds the record for the highest Test batting average of 99.9. He has only played in a Test match for Australia.


Australian batsman Don Bradman has scored 974 runs in the 1930 Ashes series between England and Australia. His average for the series was 139.14, of which he scored 334 runs in the third innings. This is his maximum run. He is still viewed as the best leading batsman in the world.

He has been a role model for many Test players. The Australian hat he wore for the first time in this case is currently up for auction. The hatchet used by Bradman in his first Test against England in 1928 is currently up for auction.

Bradman cap

It is notable that in 1959 Bradman gifted the hat to his friend Beta Dunham. The cap, which is currently up for auction, has sold for Rs 2.5 crore, making it the second best-selling monument in the world.

Bradman Cap 1

The cap was auctioned by Australian businessman Beta Friedman. Auctioneer Peter Friedman said he was trying to turn the hat into a showpiece. The hat, previously worn by Australian pacer Shane Warne, sold for Rs 5.6 crore and is proud to be the best-selling monument in the world.

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