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Women standing for 5 hours in the middle of the road in Mumbai’s heavy rain, will know the reason salute


Normally whenever there is heavy and heavy rain, all of us start running towards our house and try to save ourselves in whatever way we can in rain. Nobody stops thinking of each other at such a time and especially in a city like Mumbai, but in such a crowd, there are some selfless people who are always coming forward to help others. is.

One such incident happened in Bhaiyandar area of ​​Mumbai, where roads had turned into drains due to heavy rains for a long time. In the middle of all this a lid of a manhole was opened which was quite big and wide. If there was a car or a walking man from here, a big accident could have happened.

Because of this, the woman decided that she would stand on this till the water drained out and for this reason, she continued to stand near that mainhall for many hours and people were going to protect them that you should go carefully or else You can fall into it and then how difficult it is to save someone’s life in a flowing sewer, everyone knows this well.

Just for this reason, this woman’s video has become very viral and people are saluting her on social media because they have saved a big event from happening and nowhere if people across the country start becoming so good and alert. Then they will cease to face any problems and everything will start to look good.

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