Woman watching her husband die on his lap, maniacal condition after the accident

In Kudra in Kaimur (Bhabua) district, a young man carrying his son on a motorcycle to hospital with a wife was hit by a pickup vehicle on the rail overbridge on Monday. In this accident, the young man died on the spot. The name of the deceased youth is said to be Amit Kumar Patel 28, son of Ayodhya Singh of Kukuda village in Karamchat police station area. He has an in-law in Rewan village of Kargahar police station in Rohtas district. It is being told that he was going to take his six-month-old son along with his wife on a bike to get the vaccine at Kudra PHC.

Pickup collided before reaching PHC

On his way to the PHC, he was hit by a pickup vehicle coming from the opposite direction at a high speed while passing over the over bridge built above the GT Road and Grand Cord Rail line. The collision was so severe that the young man suffered a serious head injury and his blood turned red on the road surface. The young man’s wife narrowly survived with his six-month-old son. But seeing her husband die before his eyes, his condition became mad.

Suhag was destroyed within two years of marriage

After the accident, a large crowd gathered on the overbridge. Due to this, the situation of road jam remained there for some time. The people present there were heartened after hearing the compassion of the deceased youth’s wife. Police has done postmortem of the dead body and handed it over to the relatives. It is said that the pick-up vehicle, speeding after hitting the young man, was caught in Lalapur Road. However, there is no official confirmation from the police. According to information received from rural sources, the deceased youth was the son-in-law of Bigu Rai of Rewan village. It was not even two years after their marriage. This painful incident has caused a wave of mourning in the entire area.

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