With this easy business, you can earn 4000 rupees in a day, know how you can do this work ..

In India, everyone is looking for a good job. He wants more jobs, which has more money. But comparing India with America or China, it is the opposite. Because people there consider business more than jobs. Therefore, today there are many people doing business in America and China. There are many business measures in India but not everyone wants to go in them. The crisis during the crisis showed the most impact on the jobbers because they lost their jobs. The situation of the economy had worsened due to the virus. Everyone realized that business is better than job. Some people want to do business but they do not understand what to do business. That is why they continue to do jobs. Will give you a business idea that you can easily do, this business is also with a good scope. Let’s know about business –

Making this banana chips business has become very popular in recent times because the big company is not in this market yet because the banana chips are very small in size.

This business has come in a lot of discussion in recent times because the big company is not in this market right now because the banana chips are very small in size. In this business you will not even get a competitor and you can easily earn 1 lakh rupees a month. You will need some essential items for this business. You have to buy these items once, after that you do not buy. Such as-

** Banana Cleaning Tank & Banana Peeling Machine

** Banana slicing machine

** Crumb Frying Machine

** printing machine and packing machine

**laboratory equipment

All these machines and equipment can be purchased at your local market or India Mart. All these equipment and machines will come to 40 thousand. You can make delicious banana chips – you can easily make 50 kg banana chips. It will cost you only 4000 to make so many chips. If you sell these chips in the nearby market, then you will get at least 4000 rupees every day. Which is a far more profitable job than a job. The government also provides lawns. You can also take a loan to get a machine and equipment. It is available in easy installments.


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