Wife had no faith in Rupesh’s death, leaving the children alone at home and rushed to the hospital with her husband

After firing, Rupesh’s wife left her two children at the flat and reached the hospital with her injured husband, but he died on the way. She was fainted repeatedly in the hospital. When she regained consciousness, she felt that her husband was undergoing treatment in the hospital. The husband’s death was not believed for two hours. On the other hand, both the children slept at the neighbor’s house crying.

Help was available all the time

His close and neighbors gathered outside the hospital said that Rupesh was always ready to help. People used to donate clothes to the festival and would help in every way when needed. When Patna was submerged in water and we were at our village, we called and told them that my mother was ill. Hearing this, he took the mother from her car to the hospital. Rupesh was the chairman of the Airport Steering Committee

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