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Wife did not give food to eat, husband hanging from balcony and then ..


It often happens that when people are empty in the house, then there are things which do not have any head in their own but still happen and on this people wonder why all this is happening? Now recently a case came to see in Gujarat which disturbed all the people. The whole story is about the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, where on the last day there was an argument between a husband and wife about food.

The husband told the wife to give him a very tasty spicy food, but the wife refused to make such a thing and there was a heated argument between the two. Now this debate kept increasing day by day and increased to such an extent that just don’t ask.

When the husband’s anger reached its peak, he went and hanged from the balcony of his house and told the wife that he would give up his life because she is harassing him. He is not even getting the food of his choice. On this, nearby people and neighbors gathered and they told him to go up and then go and save his life. After this the person went to his house and all the people breathed peace.

But the person’s video became very viral and people are reacting to it in their own way. If someone is saying something, then someone is saying something. Everyone has their own opinion and everyone is keeping things in their own way.

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