Wi-Fi not now, Internet will run through Li-Fi Know what is Li-Fi

The era of using internet through WiFi is now outdated with the introduction of this new technology. Now in the coming time, the Internet will be used with a new technology called Life. The arrival of which will increase the speed of internet by 20 times.

What is this new Technology Which company will come through the specialty of India, let us know that in our special report

Successful trial of life in India


According to information received from sources, Google had successfully tested the Li-Fi technology under Project X in India in Andhra Pradesh. Soon after which India The possibility of this technology has increased in India. After its arrival, the era of WiFi will become old.

Airtel and Jio can invest in life Wi-Fi

The giant Google is in talks with Jio and Airtel to launch this technology in India. If sources are to be believed, then the owner of Jio, Mukesh Ambani is seen in the mood to make a big investment in this technology. Now through which company will come to India, this time will tell, but with the arrival of this technology in India, Indian Internet consumers can definitely get new experiences in using the Internet.

What is life


Please tell Li-Fi is a new technology in the field of Internet. In this, internet data is transferred through light beams instead of fiber or satellite. Light beams transfer data from one place to another without any wire or connection. This is a very useful technology in restoring internet service in remote areas.

Speed ​​will be 20 times faster


Under Project X, the speed of internet technology will be 20 times faster. For your information, please tell that at present the speed of internet is limited to only 1 gigabyte.

Coverage up to 20 kilometers from just one connection


According to the information, a connection of life is able to cover a radius of 20 km, though the connection of a life can be availed by people within a radius of 20 km. While the WiFi range is just 46 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoor. Now if this technology comes in India, then WiFi can be replaced.

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