Why was Govinda removed from ‘Jagga Jasoos’?

Famous film maker Anurag Basu’s film ‘Ludo’ was recently released. People also liked this film a lot. Before this, Anurag’s film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ was very much discussed. It featured Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role alongside actress Katrina Kaif, but the audience did not like the duo much. The film also took a long time to make.

Superstar Govinda was also cast in this film, but he was also suddenly dropped. Recently Anurag Basu has revealed why Govinda was excluded from the film? So let’s know what was the reason

Why Govinda was removed from 'Jagga Jasoos', Anurag Basu revealed

Confusion had occurred

Talking about the film, Anurag Basu said, ‘The shooting of Jagga Jasoos was postponed for a long time. After this much confusion was also born. There was no news as to whether Govinda had even arrived for the shoot, whether shooting had been started or not. At that time nothing was understood, whereas too much stress could not be taken. At that time the shooting of the film was going on in South Africa, everything was already planned. Because of which Govinda was sidelined ‘. After this Govinda also appeared very angry.

Why Govinda was removed from 'Jagga Jasoos', Anurag Basu revealed

Expressing displeasure by tweeting

In the year 2017, Govinda made several tweets, which clearly showed that he is very angry. He tweeted that, ‘I did my job as an actor. If the directors were not happy, it was their decision. ‘

Any negative story and article about this are being written about Govinda, why did the film take 3 years to be made. My health was not right. Then I also went to South Africa. Also completed his shoot. I was told that the story of the film would be told to me in South Africa. While I had not even taken my signing amount, nor had any contact. I have also given full respect to the Kapoor family. I did the film only because Ranbir Kapoor is my senior’s son. I was told that I would also be given the script ‘. After Govinda’s resentment, Ranbir Kapoor said that it was a big mistake to sign a big actor like Govinda first and then not do justice to his character.

Why Govinda was removed from 'Jagga Jasoos', Anurag Basu revealed

Ranbir Kapoor apologizes to Govinda

The film was produced by Ranbir Kapoor. Ranveer also apologized to Govinda for this. In an interview, he said that it was ‘his and Anurag Basu’s fault’.

He said, ‘The work was started with incomplete scripts without preparation. After this, again the characters also changed completely. It also took so long for them to be ready.

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