Why did the tears come to my eyes when the national anthem started, Mohammad Siraj revealed

Live hindi news: – India’s national anthem is played before the start of the third Test in Sydney. Before the match, Siraj had tears in the Indian national anthem at the Sydney ground. Siraj was emotional during the national anthem in Sydney.

Why did the tears come to my eyes when the national anthem started, Mohammad Siraj revealed

Suraj has now revealed why he had tears in his eyes when the national anthem started. Cricket Australia shared this moment on social media and the video went viral.

Siraj said, “When the national anthem started, I remembered my father and that’s why I got emotional. It was my father’s dream to play Test cricket. This is his dream come true now. If it were today, this… this thought came to my mind and tears started flowing from my eyes. “

Siraj’s father died before India’s tour of Australia. The father had dreamed of playing for the Indian team but could not see the boy playing. Siraj made his debut on 26 December. A month before that, Siraj’s father died on 20 November. Siraj could not pay the last respects to his father as he was on a tour of Australia. When Siraj got the captaincy of the Indian team in the Melbourne Test, he dedicated it to his father.

He fulfilled his father’s dream by getting a place in the Indian team. Tears were streaming from Siraj’s eyes when the national anthem started in today’s match, a moment that Cricket Australia captured and posted a video on his Twitter. This video of Siraj has gone viral.

The third Test between India and Australia will start at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Australia captain Tim Payne won the toss and was elected to bat first. India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj took a big wicket in the fourth over. He dismissed David Warner for five runs.

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