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Who Is SHO Harjinder Khehra? Police Officer Blamed For The Lathi Charge


The recent Lathicharge conducted by the Haryana Police on the farmers protesting at Karnal has been within the news headlines. The protesting farmers walked out of the protest, covered in blood. Many of them sustained serious injuries on the top , hands, legs and every one over the body.

After the news and therefore the videos of Lathicharge came out, the general public criticised Haryana Police’s cruel behaviour against the protestors. But one name that has been everywhere the web for this is often Harjinder Khehra. Harjinder Khehra is blamed by the general public for the Lathicharge persisted the farmers in Karnal.

Harjinder Khehra may be a Haryana policeman, appointed to the post of SHO. it’s speculated that he’s the SHO of the Karnal city of Haryana, where the Lathicharge was held. the general public has put the blame of the Lathicharge on this man. it’s being said that Harjinder has behaved very barbarically with the farmers, on many occasions.

Earlier too, one among his videos had gone viral on the web where the officer are often seen beating farmers with the utilization of a thick stick. He had been criticised for his behaviour then, and now again, the general public has held him liable for the cruel Lathicharge on the farmers.

After the incident, Harjinder Khehra keyword instantly started trending in Facebook searches. the general public became very curious and wanted to seek out out about the person who is being blamed for the lathi charge on the farmers.



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