Who are the children begging on the roads and trains of Bihar, know how the missing girl was found begging after three years

Children are often seen begging on trains running in Bihar. At the same time, this scene has become common on the roads too. Children of different ages are often begging at intersections and signals. At the same time, incidents of child theft and disappearance are also coming from many different cities. So in the meantime, it becomes necessary to raise the question when a lot of cases come up, whether the child theft gang is active in the state. The one who runs the business of making children disappear and beg for them. A case has come up from Bhagalpur that gives strength to these victims.

A strange case has come to light with the Bhagalpur District Police. Police has recovered a kidnapped girl three years ago while begging the police. After which the child is assigned to her family members. According to the media report, the daughter of Dilip Paswan, a resident of Amarpur in Banka, disappeared suddenly while playing outside the house three years ago. Even after searching for a long time, no clue of the girl was found. The police also made an arrest in this case at that time.

Meanwhile, after three years, on Friday, a relative of Dilip Paswan was seen begging the girl while traveling in the train. After which, he informed the girl’s father. On the information of the father, the Jagdishpur police has recovered the girl from some Balesh Chaudhary. At the same time, the police is asking for Balesh Chaudhary and the whole matter is being investigated. The police have handed over the girl to her after the girl’s parents have identified her.

Significantly, the days of the disappearance of children and the begging of children have been exposed. Children are often seen begging in poor condition at the traffic signals of Patna, the capital of the state. At the same time, middle-aged people are also seen wandering around them to take the money raised by these children.

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