Where Are These Famous WWE Wrestlers And What They Are Doing Now?

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Nothing’s more incredible than watching a bunch of pro wrestlers dukes it out on stage. This basically sums up everything about WWE, WWF, and the other franchises you need to know. People like to say that this is a men’s soap opera … Well, we can see where they are coming from. These ripped stars get to show off their fitness and power in the ring. The fantastic backstories only serve as the cherry on top! Many wrestlers have entered the ring and have left it over the years for other careers. What could they be doing now?

Razor Ramon

Back in the ’80s, Scott Oliver Hall went by the ring name Razor Roman. He earned the following back then, but the truth is that he only made it big in the ‘90s. That’s when he got his first top knock on both the WWF and the WCW. He took the title of the WWF Intercontinental Championship four times. Unfortunately, his health has since declined. He was taken to the hospital for pneumonia, low blood pressure, and seizures.

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