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When these Bollywood heroines wore amazing clothes for fashion, it became viral


We often see that whoever Bollywood stars are, they prefer to walk two steps ahead in the matter of fashion. Now, in such a situation, things are good and many times things are bad, everyone has to follow their own ways and beliefs and no one denies this. By the way, what is RC to hand bracelet, then today we can show you some similar views.

Urvashi Rautela wore this very nice dress and her look also looked amazing but got too much exposure and later on social media people asked her to think a bit. Well it happens like that.

Many times actress Nusrat Bharucha has also gone viral due to her different types of fashion and people started taunting her that she was not good at performing too much organ. Well, this is his choice anyway.

Deepika Padukone has done this many times when she wore a different dress in a different way and came in front of everyone. On this, people started trolling them as well. Now this has to happen.

When Aishwarya Rai was once seen in such a new get-up, people started comparing her lips with Jamuno and these pictures were seen in a much greater amount around the world.

Priyanka Chopra was also seen wearing something similar during one of her events, on which people started commenting in a different way, although many people also praised it.

So you can say that such things keep happening often and there is nothing new in it. Yes, people sometimes feel that things could have been better.

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