When Amitabh Bachchan was angry with wife Jaya after an interview, what was the reason

Friends, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is of a very calm nature. Whenever Amitabh Bachchan talks to the media, he behaves very politely. If he talks about his wife Jaya Bachchan, then Jaya is often seen flaring on the media. Jaya Bachchan often loses her cool due to taking photographs or any question asked by the media.

But friends, do you know that even once the Bollywood superhero has lost his temper due to media question. However, he had vented the anger of the media on his wife Jaya in front of everyone. After this incident, Big B was also very much in discussion. And those questions also made a lot of headlines on which Big B could not keep his anger under control.

Actually this incident is of 1992, that year Big B was celebrating his 50th birthday. On this occasion, Amitabh Bachchan was giving an interview with his wife Jaya Bachchan at his house waiting. During this interview, the journalist had asked Amitabh Bachchan a few questions related to his personal life. The questions were whether Amitabh Bachchan had any affair with anyone else even after marriage? Do you have an affair with Rekha? How true is it that you have an affair with Bobby Bobby? Amitabh was enraged by such questions.

In response to all these questions, Amitabh Bachchan said that he is not having any affair with anyone. Neither Parbyan nor Bobby give the line. At the end of this interview, Jaya Bachchan asked all the journalists to eat. Big B’s anger could not remain under his control during this lunch. And this anger filled inside them passed out on Jaya Bachchan on the dining table.

According to sources, at the dinner table, Jaya asked Amitabh Bachchan to take rice in the food, on which Amitabh Bachchan refused, saying “You know I don’t eat rice, then why are you asking me?” . Jaya said on this that “the loaves have not come yet, so I am asking to give rice, I come to see what happened to the loaves.” Till then you have rice. ” Just hearing this, Amitabh got angry and said to Jaya in anger, “Just do it, don’t eat rice, I will wait for rotis.” Don’t you understand this? ” After this Jaya Bachchan left from there. And later Big B started having his lunch.


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