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What happens when the cricketer husband is out on ‘zero’ run? Suresh Raina’s wife gave this funny answer


In our India country, the craze for youth is more artless than the craze films they have. Be it the World Cup or the wives of IPL cricketers, they reach the stadium to encourage them. However, many times they have to fall prey to trolls on social media for this. Whenever it comes to cricket, Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma’s name comes first. Anushka arrives every year to watch her husband’s match. Although she is pregnant yet, she still arrived in Dubai to support Virat. During the match, there are many such incidents in the stadium, which most people are not aware of and neither is easily known to those things.

Recently, well-known cricketer Suresh Raina had reached Kapil Sharma’s show with his wife Priyanka Chaudhary. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra also told many unheard stories related to the match in the show. During this, Kapil Sharma asked him such a question, to which Priyanka also gave a very funny answer and stopped everyone speaking. Let’s know what Kapil had asked Priyanka after all, which suddenly brought a new twist in the show.

As a matter of fact, Kapil Sharma asked Suresh Raina’s wife, “What is the reaction of the wives when the husband comes back out on zero run?” On this, Priyanka gave a very positive response and said that, despite being dismissed in such a situation, the members of the team support the husband and by returning from the field, the cricketer husband also gives encouragement to the team. ” Raina said that even if this happens, she is not telling.

Let me tell you that in the show Kapil Sharma had spoken to Priyanka to sing a song, after which both the husband and wife had sung a song. This song was from Vinod Khanna’s film ‘Jurm’, whose lyrics were ‘Jab Koi baat badge jaye…’. When Archana Puran Singh asked Suresh Raina whether the cheerleaders distract him, Suresh replied, “During the game we are not able to see the cheerleaders, we can see them on TV or we can see their performance.” See when you’re tossing. ” On this answer, everyone started enjoying them and pointing to their wife, they said that they too have to be extended.

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