Virat and Anushka kept their daughter’s name like this? You also know

Both Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are quite happy recently because of the arrival of Lakshmi at their home. Just yesterday, Virat Kohli had informed through his Twitter account that Anushka has been delivered and this was very big news in itself, due to which there are many people who also appeared very happy because in their life This thing has happened for the first time and everyone is happy on the arrival of Lakshmi at home.

If we talk about now, then many people are trying to know two things. Firstly, what has happened to the girl who has been named and secondly, people are also looking at the picture of the girl, this is the lovely thing. That everyone would like

Now talk about the photo, it has not come yet but to talk about it, it has come and both Virat and Anushka Sharma have named their daughter Anvi. The meaning of A in Anu here is Anushka and V means Virat means that the glimpse of the name of both parents will be seen in the daughter and what else could be a better name?

Even better than that, the name Anvi which is a Sanskrit name which is also said for Lakshmi ji, for her, the daughter is like Sakshat Lakshmi and it is better to keep this name after her. Will happen? This is a good sign that most people would have been wanting. Well, whatever we are talking about for now, many people are showing their happiness on this.


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