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VIP’s Mukesh Sahni Walks Out Of Tejashwi Yadav-Led Mahagathbandhan


Mukesh Sahni said that Tejashwi Yadav had betrayed the VIP even during 2019 Lok Sabha polls

New Delhi:

A moment – which seemed innocuous at the time – could have turned out to be more critical than imagined.

Not known for its ability to form alliances or partners, the Congress, as its record shows – and Tejashwi Yadav, newer to the game – could not convince Mukesh Sahni and his VIP party to join their alliance. In fact, it was handled so badly that it led to a dramatic walkout at a press conference to announce the members of the Mahagathbandhan.


The VIP switched to the NDA and ended up making a difference of an 8 seat swing – by the VIP winning 4 seats. It may not have changed the winner, but if the VIP had remained with the MGB, it would have made the NDA’s margin of victory much smaller.

With the 1.5% vote won by the VIP party, as an ally, it would have also propelled the MGB to a clear lead in terms of votes.


And even in terms of the seats won, it would have been an even closer result. With outside support from the AIMIM, BSP and the independents, it would have been –


The memorable walkout-moment only highlights the major difference between the treatment of potential allies and negotiation ability of the BJP vs the Congress and others.

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