Video: – Who are these women election officers, pictures are becoming increasingly viral.

On social media, pictures of a woman in a yellow saree are becoming increasingly viral, people are claiming that this woman from Jaipur is claiming that this woman officer was on duty in Kumawat school polling booth and there were 95 percent votes. While sharing the information, the users have started advising the Election Commission that the duty of such beautiful women should be imposed at every booth so that a hundred percent voting can be done to tell you that the name of the woman officer is being told as Nalini Singh, now we will tell you that There is so much truth in this news and what is the whole matter.

It is being told about this female officer that her name is Nalini Singh and she has been Miss Jaipur, but this is not true at all, in fact, a channel met this woman and discovered the truth, her name is Reena Divedi and She is a resident of Deoria in Uttar Pradesh and is currently living in Lucknow.

Let me tell you that in the pictures it is being said that she has also lived in Miss Jaipur, so she also takes it to the extent that it is true, in fact, it is a complete lie because Reena herself has said that she has somehow done this till date. He has not participated in the contest so that he can become Miss Jaipur, he said while talking to a channel.

I must first confirm that neither I am Nalini Singh nor I have been Miss Jaipur and I have never been a participant in anything like this and the photos and videos that you guys are seeing go viral. Our duty was put up for voting by the Election Commission and also told that the pictures are of the time when she was going to the polling station. See the video next.


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