Umesh Yadav wanted to do this government job but not the bowler

Umesh Yadav is known as the main bowler of the Indian team. Umesh has been hurt in a recent game played in Melbourne, due to which he will not be able to play the game further. Today everyone loves their bowling, but their journey was not so easy. Umesh Yadav was born on 25 October 1987.

Umesh also had to become a cricketer since childhood, but due to poor home conditions, his dream flight took all the turns and after defeating every defeat, he has made his place as India’s bowler today. Although Umesh wanted to become a policeman, but luck brought him to the cricket field. Let’s know some special things about Umesh’s life

Father used to work in coal mine

Umesh Yadav is the main part of bowling of the Indian cricket team today. Umesh is born in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, Umesh lived in the Western Coal Limited colony of Khaparkhera near Nagpur. He used to work in a coal mine. It was here that Umesh was raised.

Umesh’s dream was to become a policeman

Umesh Yadav wanted to do this government job but not the bowler

Before becoming a star in cricket, Umesh’s father wanted his son to work in the police or army. Umesh also tried hard for a government job at the behest of his father. The height was worth both these jobs, but luck did not support it. After unsuccessfully trying to apply for jobs in the army and police force, 19-year-old Yadav started playing cricket. Umesh wanted to become a soldier in the army and police. Umesh Yadav plays for Vidarbha in domestic cricket, the first player from Vidarbha to have played Test cricket.

Bowling started from here

Umesh Yadav wanted to do this government job but not the bowler

Umesh Yadav bowled with a leather ball for the first time after joining Vidarbha’s team. Earlier, he used to play cricket with tennis ball. Vidarbha’s team was known as a backward team in domestic cricket, but Umesh was surprised by his superb bowling.

Umesh’s fastest ball speed was .154.8 kmph, on average he bowls 140 kmph. He made a mark in domestic cricket as the Delhi Daredevils fast bowler in the 2010 IPL season.

Umesh was bought by Delhi Daredevils for Rs 18 lakhs in IPL 2010. After this, Team India bowler Praveen Kumar, who reached the World T20 tournament in the West Indies, got injured and Umesh was called there.

Love found in IPL, marriage

Umesh Yadav wanted to do this government job but not the bowler
Umesh and his wife Tanya met during the IPL match. Tanya had come to the stadium to watch the match with one of her friends, he also knew the friend Umesh. He introduced Tanya to Umesh and the two became good friends. Gradually this friendship turned into love.

Tanya had said in an interview that, in 2012, Umesh proposed to her for marriage and Tanya immediately said yes. On 16 April 2013, Umesh Yadav married Tanya Wadhwa, a fashion designer based in Delhi. Along with this, recently he has been appointed to the post of Assistant Manager in Nagpur office of Reserve Bank of India.

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