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To be famous on social media, the mother threw the child in water and then he ..


We are all seeing what kind of social media craze is happening in today’s time, we are all watching it. Due to this reason, people are being typed completely careless. You must have seen how people risk themselves by taking selfies and it is also very risky somewhere. But even then, people take risks only on themselves.

But now the danger that has been exposed recently has become even greater. This case is being told of America where a woman put her child at risk to get her followers on social media.

It is clearly visible in the video that there is a woman who is standing with her child on the swimming pool and then the camera turns on from the side, then the woman picks up her children and throws them in the pool after which the child almost drowns. It seems only then that the woman goes and saves her child. She presents it as a kind of adventure in the video and expresses that she had saved it somewhere but it is necessary to understand that she has put that child in risk also.

On this video, people are expressing a lot of anger on social media and saying that whatever happened this is completely wrong and should not have happened. These things are not right anywhere and people need to distance themselves from social media as much as possible.

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