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Three rogues in UP robbed jewelery shops at gunpoint, captured in CCTV footage


In Uttar Pradesh, incidents of bullying, robbery and theft etc. keep coming up and common people are also upset because of the way things have changed somewhere and now people started doing all these things at a higher level is. It is robbed in broad daylight and a similar incident is seen in Aj Aligarh, which is going to shake the heart somewhere. What has happened now? Let us tell you now.

A jewelery shop was open on the day in Aligarh, where the customers were sitting inside, then there are three young men who had bags inside. First of all, a young man comes and he puts his hands forward and hands for sanitizing and suddenly takes out the gun.

After this, the two boys who are behind him also take out the guns and all three ask the customers and the shoppers there to sit quietly and then fill all the cash and all the gold in their bags. Let’s take it. Immediately after doing this, they fill the bags and after filling, they immediately run away from there. This video has recently been published by the news agency ANI.

What action has been taken by the Aligarh police now and whether they have been caught or further investigation is going on, no update has been received on this yet, but it is expected that they will be caught soon and common It is very important to eliminate their fear from among the people.

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