Three people, including JE, arrested in cremation ghat accident, many responsible people including contractor are still absconding

Three people have been arrested in the cremation ground in Muradnagar in Ghaziabad district of UP. Police have arrested the municipal executive Niharika Singh, junior engineer Chandrapal and supervisor Ashish. However, the accused contractor is still out of police custody.

25 people died so far

Let me tell you that the lenter fell on the people who were attending the last rites at the cremation ground of Muradnagar on Sunday. 25 people died while 17 were injured after being buried under the debris of the lenter. All the people had reached the funeral of one person. This accident happened in Ukhalarsi of Muradnagar.

People came to attend the funeral

According to the information, Rajaram, a fruit seller living in Muradnagar died on Sunday morning. Rajaram’s family members and his friends had come to attend his funeral at the crematorium in Muradnagar. Let me tell you that when it started raining after the funeral, people stood under the letter to avoid the rain. At the same time, the letter fell down.

Police said that when the roof collapsed, many people were standing under the building to avoid the rain, which was recently built. The people who died in this accident were all men and relatives or neighbors of Jairam, who was being cremated there at that time. Rescuers kept removing debris for hours to ensure that no one else was trapped.

NDRF runs rescue operation for hours

Police reached the spot after the accident. After this, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team also arrived. All gathered to remove the dead and injured from the debris. District Magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey said, “25 people died in this incident while 17 others were injured.” By Sunday evening at least 18 of them were identified.

What said eyewitness

Udham Singh (25), who was injured in the incident, said, “I fainted for the first 20 minutes. When I became aware, I saw my friends taking me out of the rubble. I am in pain but hope I get well soon. ”

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