‘Thorn Laga’ girl has changed so much in 19 years, know what you are doing away from Limelight

After the release of the song in Bollywood, the song of the people comes on Juba. There was also a song which was the most popular at that time. That song made its place in the Indian homes. People used to play that song with great grief. This song was a thorn. In this song, item girl dance was done by Shefali Jariwal. After this song, her height was spread all over India. Her fans started feeling desperate for a glimpse of her. But Shefali Jariwal After this song, he has separated himself from the world of light. He made a distance from the film world.

But due to the love and support of her fans, she became very active on her social media. She used to upload her photos on the social media platform. Her popular followings with her photos continued to grow. She kept distance from the film world. The reason for never being told. Recently, Shefali Jariwal is enjoying with her family.

Even after 20 years her fitness is said to be very good, for this she is working hard for this. In 2014, she married her boyfriend Parag Tyagi away from the eyes of the media. Let me know that this is her second marriage. Before that he had married Harmeet Gulzar. But due to mutual differences, not much marriage could go on and they got divorced.

She is quite happy with her husband Parag 4 right now. Seeing her pictures, it can be said that she has become more beautiful than before. Her beauty is still intact. Her fans have always been demanding that she come back to Bollywood. His pictures go viral. He keeps uploading his own new photos.

He starred in Bollywood’s most controversial serial Bigg Boss in season 13. His fame went much later. After this season, his fans grew in number. In Bigg Boss season 13, he started with Aseem Riaz and Himanshu Khurana was entertained a lot by becoming a friend.

But later she becomes an enemy of Aseem Riyaz. Her acting was well liked.


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