This monk has done his hand for 45 years, in this way, in which there is no effect of gravity, everyone will be shaken knowing the truth

There are many people in our society who consider serving their own life as the biggest goal of their life, and they can go to any extent to fulfill it, no matter how much trouble they have for it. Let’s face it. Today we are going to tell you about a person who has taken such a step to do social service, about which you will also be shocked.

Today, where people are making all kinds of efforts for peace agreement around the world, today we are going to tell you about a monk who has taken such a step to make peace in the whole world, after which the whole world Their discussions are happening and due to this decision, they have achieved great popularity in the country and the world.

Let me tell you, the name of the monk we are talking about is Amar Bharti and the unique feat he has done is surprising everyone, in fact, for nearly 43 years, Sadhu Amarbharati has raised one hand in the air which he has Never down. Amar Bharti considers her favored Lord Shiva and he has done this feat by believing them.

Prior to his unique feat, Sadhu Amarbharati was living a very simple life. Like a common man, he also had his own family with whom he was spending his life with happiness. According to the information, the family of Sadhu Amar Bharti I have his wife and three children, but then I do not know how Amar Bharati ji got this feeling of welfare of the society and he decided to do it, although when he had taken this decision initially, he had all his support with him. The family stood with him.

But as time went by, his family became angry with his decision and today his family and his children are all left behind and Sadhu Amar Bhartiya ji remains steadfast in his decision and considers his favored Lord Shiva to be a sadhu on the streets of India. Let’s roam in disguise. Sadhu Amar Bharti had a dream in the year 1973, and leaving all the resources of life, he chose the disguise of a monk and continues on the same path even today.

Sadhu Amar Bharti carries only 1 trident with him which is made of metal. Since 1973, Sadhu Amar Bharti has held his hand up and at that time he used to have a lot of trouble in it, but then he used to keep raising his hands above his eyes, ignoring it.

Today after so many days, the hand of Sadhu Amarbharati ji was not normal at all and now he can not reduce his hand even if he wants to, nor can he use it in any work. Today, the gravitational force on his hands also does not reduce It is very surprising.

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