This man wanted to live by fighting Corona for his wife,

Corona Because of this, how many people lost their lives and how many people could not take care of themselves even after wishing that, because this disease is such that it is close to it, it will be affected. That is why it does not give a chance to get close to the other. One such person died due to corona which you will get emotional after hearing. He is telling about Billy Loredo living in the Texas province of America. The person who died due to Kovid wrote a letter, which is becoming quite viral on social media.

This man wanted to live by fighting Corona for his wife, letter written for wife before she died

Statement in love poetry

Billy Loredo was hospitalized on 16 November due to Corona being infected. And he was undergoing treatment. He was missing his wife very much at the same time as the treatment lasted for about two weeks. After which he wrote a letter for his wife.

In the letter, he expressed a feeling for his wife, in which they all shared their heart, who could not live together. These chithi are being shared on social media.
In the love letter, Loredo has written his feelings by writing lines of Faiz Ahmed Faiz for his Loved Once.

These powers are something like this. Both are lost in the love of your world, they are going to spend some shab-e-gum, Veeran hai miy-kad khum-o-sagar are sad. In this tale of unbridled love, one life was lost and the two lovers separated from each other.

Letter written to wife before going on ventilator

Billy Loredo, a lawyer by profession, was 45 years old. He was hospitalized due to a breathing problem, after which he was diagnosed with corona. There was no improvement for 2 weeks. After which the doctor was taken on ventilator on 13 December. Billy then tells the doctor that he wants to write a letter before going on the ventilator.

This man wanted to live by fighting Corona for his wife, letter written for wife before she died

Sentimental letter

In the letter Billy wrote,“Dear, I want to tell you that I am struggling every day of my life and I am doing this for you so that I can see you again.” You are the most special person in my life and I miss you every day. I know I am not capable of you but I always kept trying to be capable. You have always been perfect for me, but when I say that you are not here, I go mad. In everything 99 percent of you were right and I was wrong. I used to like this thing. If God gives me a chance in life again, I want to be your better husband. I have lived a beautiful life with you and not done business in this rich world. “ Billy has written many things in his love letter which was passionate to give to everyone.

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