This dog has done such a dreadful thing, now it will get 50 lakh reward for the person who caught the dead or alive

The most loyal dog in animals is considered to be very loyal to its owner irrespective of the breed. Tales of the loyalty of dogs keep hearing us, but sometimes these faithful animals are expert in causing headaches or ruining everything for some people. Today we are going to tell you about one such loyal dog of the world, whom you will also be surprised to know about, and the biggest thing is that the security system of this dog is taken special care because its life is in danger. Let’s know what the story of this dog is.

As we all know that in this world, no matter how many countries do the business of drugs in large quantities, there are some countries which are very famous for this business and one of them is called Colombia. Tell us that every year, there is a drug business of 2 to 3 lakh crore rupees in Colombia. Here the drug mafia fearlessly runs its business.

Here the drug mafia is neither afraid of the police nor anyone is afraid of anyone if it is the fear of a dog. Yes, do not make sure that this dog smuggler in Colombia has slept the nights This dog has given the task and the police has not been able to do it so far.

Let us tell you that the dog we are talking about is very famous in Colombia and its name is Sombra. Please tell that German Shepherd Sombra has been with the Police Department of Colombia for 2 years. Sombra made 68 thousand crore rupees in two years. Has apprehended about 9 thousand kilos of drugs and 245 criminals. Not only this, Sombra also handles the search of 2 big airports in the country. After Sombra’s arrival, the drug supplied to Colombia from other countries has decreased by 5%.

These days, this is the reason why the drug smugglers are so afraid of this sniffer dog Sombra that the drug smugglers have put a reward of 50 lakh rupees on it, due to which the police have also made a strong arrangement for the protection of Sombra. The fear of drug smugglers from this dog is that these people have even said to give a reward of 50 lakhs to someone who brought Sombra alive or dead.

For this reason, Colombian drug dealers have been frightened. Sombra’s handler policeman Jose Rojas reports that Sombra is several times faster than the rest of the sniffer dogs.

You will be surprised to know that the Police Department has given strong security to Sombra. Sombra is brought to and from the police office in a bullet proof car to the airport. 2 Gunmen are always in defense of Sombra. Sombra is sent back from the airport to the police headquarters. Please tell that this dog is about 6 years old and it has become very famous in Colombia.

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