This city of UP is infamous, 800 briefcase thieves spread across the country, cleanly carry out the crime

Bijnor is notorious due to incidents of briefcase thieves across the country. More than 800 briefcase thieves, who live in the district, have been active for nearly 25 years, open the briefcase and remove cash and jewelery from it and close it again, doing this work so cleanly that anyone can get to know the crime Could not look They do not act in the district, due to this the local police are also kind to them. On Friday, three briefcase thieves in Varanasi, who have come to the hands of the police, have again come into the limelight.

Tell that many people of the same family are active in this theft incident. These people have gone from Bijnor to carry out incidents of briefcase theft in several states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. Ten years ago, in order to crack down on briefcase thieves, the police had put their names in the police stations by putting boards like criminals. These briefcase thieves felt insulted by seeing their names written on the board. Recommendation was also used to remove the name from the board. These boards were removed in the beautification of police stations. After the board is removed, these briefcase thieves have no fear of anyone. In the district, they remain calm, but in non-state and districts, briefcase carries out the incidents of theft and robbery.

Because of this, this village is infamous

Attache thieves are active in many villages of the district including Bhoganwala, Rehra, Sabdalpur, Gauspur, Daulatabad, Kajiwala, Jandpur Mandavali, Mandavali, Dahirpur, Bani, Aku, Baruki, Oomri, Thambuwala.

Many thieves became owners of unfathomable property

Let me tell you that among the briefcase thieves identified in the police records, many have become owners of immovable property. Built a property, moving around in vehicles. Some have also started other businesses after creating assets.

Even after taking money in advance

The briefcase gives thieves some money in the district to go out to commit crimes. After the theft, they sell these jewels at cheaper prices. The jewelery immediately strangles the jewelry. Briefcase thieves also meet and meet auto and bus staff in other districts.

This is how they do an incident

People carry any valuables in the briefcase. Weddings get the sense of the families going into the marriage season. In the auto or bus, they take it in their midst. Some gang members confuse them, while some surround the briefcase. Other riders feel that it is all together. Many open it with a piece of chobi and iron wire and then close it again after taking out the jewelry and cash. However, with robbery, they have now started looting.

15 to 20 incidents in Varanasi

Saud Ahmed, Mohammed Zeeshan and Mohammad Danish, a resident of Sabdalpur, village of Himpur Deepa, Bijnaur police station in Varanasi, have been arrested. 70 thousand rupees, two chains, one mangalsutra, three rings, three pair tops and other jewelry were recovered from the trio. After some incidents here, the police marked some miscreants with footage from CCTV cameras, after which they were caught by an auto from Cantt railway station on Friday. He told that he had come to Benares on 25 December 2020. Since then, he has hunted 15 to 20 people.

Live in a city for ten days

The arrested accused of the Varanasi police told that they sit in the auto as a ride. When another passenger arrives, they sit in the middle. They then steal his goods or forcefully take them away. The trio said that they had earlier done similar incidents in several other cities including Prayagraj, Chandauli, Patna and Delhi. This was the fourth time he had come to Benares. The three stay in the city for about 10 days and then return after being robbed.

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