This 81-year-old woman got married to a 36-year-old boy, because of whom people trolled the boy

This world is here, every day a new news is heard and sometimes such news comes out that after listening again it becomes a bit difficult to believe on our own ears but ultimately we have to believe It falls. And today we are going to tell you about a similar incident which you will be surprised to hear, yes today we are going to tell you about a woman who is 45 years younger than herself, who is 36 years old and with it Got married and now the picture of this couple is getting viral on social media and some people are considering it as love, so some people are also telling it to get a boy’s visa, so they have come to know what is the whole matter

Whether you believe it or not, it is said that the couples come from above and there is only union on the earth and such an incident has come in front of us where an 81-year-old woman who is on Facebook The boy falls in love during chatting and the two break the age limit and marry each other, yes Iris Jones, a resident of Britain, who is 81 years old, is married to a boy 45 years younger than her. Whose name is Mohammad Ahmed. On the same social media, when this couple shared their picture, the people gave their response, some people have even trolled the boys and have written that it is just to get a UK visa for a woman older than herself Is married with

For information, Iris and Ahmed got married in Egypt and their marriage was paper and not traditional and they also celebrated their marriage. The reason is that Mohammed Ahmad has not got a visa yet and that is why he is away from each other today. Let me tell you that Mohammad Ahmad currently resides in Egypt. Until he does not get a visa Mohammad Ahmed Will have to stay away from Jones.

But these two have not reduced their love. Both of them are always active on social media and are seen expressing their love in their style and wrote a post in Ahmed on their Facebook account in which they wrote for their wife “till the end of my life, My love will be for you “My Queen Iris”. Many people have made a lot of fun of them too but they have not made much difference and even today their love continues.

Iris has also said that she misses her husband Ahmed very much and she went to Egypt to meet her husband about 3 times but each time she had to come back alone and her husband could not come with her and she was there Can not go because they do not suit this place because it is very hot there and Iris starts having a lot of trouble.

Apart from this, there is also a lot of crowd and the special thing is that the food here is not special to them. Let me also tell you that Iris is also a son whose age is currently 50 years and he also has no objection to this marriage and his sons understand their relationship very well.

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