These are the two players of the Indian cricket team who got the highest salary last year, know about them


Players of the Indian team are paid a maximum of Rs 15 lakh for playing in a Test match, Rs 6 lakh for playing in an ODI and Rs 3 lakh for playing in a T20 match.

The match for 2020 ended with the conclusion of the second Test against Australia. Thus, the salaries of Indian players are currently being paid.

Bumrah, the leading bowler of the Indian team, is the first Indian to get a higher salary. He has signed Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the ‘A +’ category and is playing for the Indian team. Bumrah has played 9 ODIs, 4 Tests, 9 ODIs and 8 T20Is in 2020. With this, Bumrah ranks first with a total salary of Rs 1.38 crore.


After this, Virat Kohli is in second place after playing 3 Tests 9 ODIs and 10 T20s with a salary of Rs 1.29 crore. Indian all-rounder Jadeja has earned Rs 96 lakh for playing in 2 Tests, 9 ODIs and 4 T20Is.


Rohit Sharma has played 3 ODIs and 4 T20s and earned only 30 lakh rupees. Thus Bumrah became the highest paid Indian player last year. It is noteworthy that some new people included in this list have been included in the Indian team.

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