These are the 5 players who do not have any chance of getting a place in CSK team

Live hindi news: – The Chennai Super Kings have knocked in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This has eroded the reputation that the team has maintained for so many years. This happened due to many players of that team.

Most of the team’s players did not play properly. “We are going to form a new team next year,” he said. While building a new team like that, let’s look at the players who could never play for Chennai Super Kings again.

Jadhav 1

1- Kedar Jadhav

It has been two years for Chennai Super Kings scoring a half-century. No big game. By 2020, his game had reached its peak. It will be difficult for him to play for Chennai Super Kings again.


2- Harbhajan Singh

He left the series without any reason before the 13th IPL series. Tukka was giving reasons. He was also a critic of the Chennai team on social media. He is also getting old. Chennai Super Kings team is not going to achieve anything big.

3- Pius Chawla

He was given several crores for the Chennai team. Does not justify the justification for that. He was consistently giving runs in matches. He will definitely not have a place in the Chennai team.


4- Murali Vijay

It can be said that he is not only in the Chennai team, but can now play in the IPL series as well. The man who was playing well lost his entire game. The truth is that he can no longer be in any team again.


5- Imran Tahir

It seems that he may be dropped from the team in Chennai due to old age. If so, it will be difficult for him to find a place again.

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