These are the 5 most dangerous insects found in India, which kill them in the blink of an eye

Many times we are confronted with some scary creations that we would never like to meet even in dreams. With the diligence with which nature creates beauty, she also works to work on ugliness with the same passion. Come, today we have come before you with a list of some of the most frightening and disgusting creatures. While there is life in the earth, there are also pests that end life. They have subversive power.

In the world, creatures of millions of castes are found, some of them are profitable and some are very dangerous. In dangerous creatures, we take the name of wild animals like lions, cheetahs, crocodiles etc. But there are some insects that are dangerous to these animals, about which we are going to tell you today.

1. Brown Reculus Spider

In our homes we often see spiders burn, but spiders are visible, but the symptoms of spiders are that it spreads the net and is not venomous, but brown racculus is a species of spider that is very poisonous. In its mouth, a harmful element called nirotic is found which spoils the human cell. It takes more than 30 days for a human to recover from this spider’s poisonous substance.

2. Bullet ant

You must have seen small black ants. Which is seen rotating on the verandah of the house, the walls of the house, the fields – the fields and all the surrounding areas. Sometimes they even bite a human. Their bites do not cause much pain. But you will be surprised to know that there is such a species of ant. Which causes terrible unbearable pain at the bite. Bullet ant is a species of ant whose bite causes very unbearable pain for 24 hours in the same way that the bullet hurts. Hence it is named Bullet Ant. The sad thing is that there is no cure for its bite.

3. Black Widow Spider

The third most dangerous worm is the Black Widow Spider. Tell us that this species of spider is very dangerous, its bite causes unbearable pain as well as the death of the victim due to the pain. If seen, you should run away from there immediately.

4. Boat Fly

Boat fly insects are the most dangerous species of makora. If this insect is found to be the most dangerous, then it will not be wrong at all because it makes small holes in the human body and goes inside it and then remains inside the body for 2 months. This worm survives by eating the flesh of humans. Human beings can also die due to this dangerous insect.

5. Puss caterpillars

Friends, it looks like colorful hair, which you will not have any idea about how dangerous this animal is, friends, if you touch it, then the poison of its hair will reach the skin of your body, so that There will be unbearable pain in your body, to remedy this, you should use cold water immediately.

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