These actresses sang not only the money but also the surgery, you will be shocked to see

The face or body of a human being is all natural and you cannot find that thing or quality in yourself by looking at someone else because it is completely a gift from God. But today our science has become much more modern and is changing the things made by God according to our mind and also challenging the laws of nature. You will also read many types of news etc. that with the help of science, now the boy can be made a girl and not only could but it has also been done. In the same way, with the help of science, many such things are also being done, with the help of which people are changing their identity.

Today we are going to tell you that not only our Bollywood but also many famous actresses of Hollywood, who are not only known as a successful actress today, but also always in the discussion among the people due to their beauty and charming designs. is. Here is a thing for you to know that all these actresses are always experimenting with something about their lifestyle and beauty, but there are times that in order to make themselves look different, they make up their real beauty They manage to hide behind, but inside the experiment, this experiment becomes very deadly for them, whose effect is not immediately understood but later they have to face a lot of problems due to this.
Let me tell you that if the actress working in films does not look beautiful and attractive, then she is not able to create special popularity in the audience and for this, the actresses often do some new experiments with themselves such as plastic surgery which many times very much Proves to be dangerous, but even knowing this, she rises this risk and remains unknown. Today we will introduce you to some such Bollywood and Hollywood actresses, whose faces completely changed after plastic surgery.

Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia, one of the beautiful actresses of Bollywood, also has millions of fans. Let us tell you that Ayesha, who has worked with many big stars including Salman, is told that she had undergone breast implant surgery, after which her figure changed drastically.

Sara Khan

TV star actress Sara Khan is a topic of discussion these days regarding her changed look. He has shared some latest pictures on his Instagram account. His face is completely changed in these pictures. They are also finding it difficult to identify them in the photographs. The beauty on which his fans died was that beauty was missing from his face. Looking at him, it seems that he has undergone surgery on his lip. His lips have appeared swollen in photographs. According to the information received, Sara Khan has undergone her lip surgery. After this, his face has deteriorated completely. He has done these experiments with his face to make himself stand out from the other and to enhance his beauty. Seeing this picture of Sara Khan, their fans are also shocked and they are losing their social media. By making lewd comments, Sara is making Khan realize what he has done with his face.

Koina mitra

Actress Koena Mitra, who became a part of Bigg Boss 13, has spoken out about her wrong plastic surgery for the first time. Actually, to get his looks better, Koena had his nose surgery done, but the talk became worse. While at one time, in addition to acting in many films, she was also doing item numbers, later the film directors started cutting them from taking them in their films. He is said to have lost his job due to plastic surgery and had to sit at home for almost six months.


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