There is an airplane at every house in this unique village in India

This world of ours is very big. With this, there is no shortage of people working in this world in many ideas and ways. There are many such people in our world and there are many such things which keep us in the square. We all hear unique stories from this world. Today we are going to tell you some things related to this. Today’s news that we are going to tell you is from the state of Punjab in India.

airport on house

Yes, this is a unique thing in a village in Jalandhar, Punjab. Yes, as seen in your pictures, Air India airplane stands on every roof of Lambda village. Let us tell you that anyone who sees them is shocked at first. Let us tell you that there is a house of NRIs, the aircraft which is seen on the roof is not real but there are rooms that look like ships.

airplane on building

The purpose of doing this is only to realize the dream of being in an airplane and flying in them, as well as Air India on these ship-like rooms. It is also said that in this regard, NRIs are also getting calls from officials that Air India is being promoted for free. Let us also tell you that ships are seen above every house not only in Jalandhar district but also in Uppala village of Nurmahal Tehsil.

Because of such strange deeds, people have given it the name of a village with a ship. For your information, tell us that Santosh Singh, a resident of this village, has built an airplane over his house. This ship is visible to you from a distance of about 2 kilometers. And nowadays it remains the center of attraction for many people.


Santosh Singh currently lives in England and also has a hotel business there. Santosh Singh is not alone, but in Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, and Doaba in Punjab, there are air houses visible from far away on the water tank of many houses. And Havelis NRIs sometimes gather from abroad to meet their family members, even on the advice of those rooms, you can easily see these airplanes.

We would like to tell you just one thing that once you take time out of your life, you must go to these villages of Punjab. Really at first sight you also will not believe whether it is really an airplane or a ship room.

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