Their beauty does not leave any chance to burn Karishma, she does such work!

Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor has given the coffee super duper hit movie. But when she got married, she did not appear in the movie. But the marriage after which they decided not to make a movie, that marriage is now broken. And she has gone far beyond her past. Now Karishma Kapoor does not take anything into heart, mind, Karisma Kapoor had suffered a lot due to this habit, Karisma’s mental condition started to deteriorate. , At the behest of the family member Ore Doctor, Karisma has now taken out all the old memories from her heart, which hurts her, yet sometimes it happens that the news of social media causes a lot of damage.

Karisma first married Sanjay Kapoor, who lasted for 13 years, leaving a daughter, Adhara, and son Kishan Raj. If we talk about this marriage, then they remained in marriage for 13 years, but after 13 years, they divorced Sanjay Kapoor in 2016.

Children stay with mother after divorce. At the same time, talking about Karishma’s personal life, some time ago news came that Karishma is going to marry another. There were reports that she is dating Mumbai-based businessman Sandeep Toshniwal. Both appeared in many shows with each other, but both never gave any official statement on it.

Now, according to the news, both the children of Karisma Kapoor have gone on vacation with their father. On the other hand, Sanjay’s second wife Priya Sachdev has shared pictures of both the children on social media, both children are spending time with their father well. It is very difficult for children to stay away from their parents at such a young age.

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