The woman was forgetting to understand the swelling on the lips as a minor infection, when the doctors told the terrible truth of this, the ground slipped under her feet.

As we all know that the rainy season is coming soon and the monsoon has knocked it somewhere. After two months of so much humidity and heat, everyone eagerly waits for the monsoon. So that we can get some relief from this heat. But one of the biggest problems that remain in this rainy season is that of infection and the sick because there is moisture everywhere at this time, it is also natural for germs to thrive.

But sometimes in this season some such insects also come around us which prove to be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Today we are going to tell you about such a unique case, knowing that you will also be mired. Actually this is the case of Moscow, where after hearing the negligence of a woman living here, there is a unique case of science world being heard here. is.

According to the incident, the woman had passed an organism across her face after which the lips had swollen on her lips and the woman was igniting this swollen as an infection for a long time, but one day when suddenly the woman was very fast on the swollen place When the pain started increasing, then she showed her to the doctor, then the doctors told her the dreadful truth behind it, knowing that the woman’s hair was standing.

The investigation by Drasla doctors revealed that a large parasite worm (thread-like worm) had taken birth in the woman’s entire face, crawling from her lips to various parts of the face.

Because of this, the woman’s face and lips were swollen badly. After hearing that, the woman was blown away. According to the same investigation, the woman told that she had gone out for a vacation a few days ago. The mosquito had bitten.

Hearing this, the doctors soon caught the disease and examined it and found a thread-size worm called a parasitic worm that was inside the woman’s skin. Explain, during investigation, it was found that the worm was crawling inside the skin of the woman’s face, sometimes it would come to the lips and sometimes to the cheeks.

Whenever the worm crawled, the woman felt pain. According to doctors, the foot-worm has been born inside the face. Which is spread in humans due to exposure to mosquitoes and dogs. This worm looks like a thread and can live inside a human’s body for 2 years.

Doctors said that in the beginning, the footworm worm is not so dangerous, but over time it keeps making the flesh of human flesh inside, which later on also turns out to be life-threatening. Was, if after some time such a worm is ignored, then it becomes life-threatening.

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