The woman had bought a new bungalow by paying crores of rupees, seeing her sight when she went in, she lost her senses

As we all know that in this world roti cloth and house is a fundamental requirement of every person’s life which he works hard day and night to fulfill. Also every person has a dream that he has a self To have a home where he will live happily with his family.

There is also no doubt that the person works hard day and night to build a beautiful house. Although today we are going to talk about a bungalow here and not a beautiful house. Which was purchased by a woman for about one and a half crores of rupees. But after buying this bungalow, you will also be shaken knowing what happened to him. Please tell that the woman who bought this bungalow is named Heinz Whitley and she is from USA.

It happened that US In October, Heinz Whitley purchased a bungalow from someone in Minnesota (Minnesota). And it is said that Heinz Whitley spent about one and a half crores to buy this new bungalow, which looked like a dream from the outside, he saw the house very well from inside, checked the surroundings. Aria saw it too and after being satisfied she finalized the deal.

After the deal was finalized, Heinz Vitali paid Rs 1.5 crore to the owner of the house, after which he also paid the tax of this purchase to the government, after which the house became his name and after the house was named, he would later in the house Arrived and started living there, but when she started living inside the house, her reality came in front of her and after knowing that reality, like Heinz Whitley’s ground slipped under the feet.

Let me tell you that the bungalow which Heinz Whitley bought with a lot of money was spent on crores of rupees and when she went inside the bungalow, a big snake came out under the bed after forty five minutes of going inside. After that, slowly within six months, about a hundred snakes came out of that bungalow, after seeing which Heinz was blown away as he was very scared and he was also sad that he Cheating has been done.

In such a situation, when Heinz Whitley came to know that snakes are constantly coming out of this bungalow, he informed the animal control expert. They caught hundreds of snakes in the bungalow. But after investigation, it was found that the bungalow also has a marsh and these snakes originate from the same.

You would be surprised to know that Heinz has so far spent eight lakh thirty three thousand rupees to get these snakes out, but even then, snakes are not coming out of this Heinz bungalow, buying this bungalow for Heinz in this way It proved to be a complete loss deal for him.

He says that the owner of the bungalow had hidden from him that snakes come out of this bungalow and now he will also file a case of fraud on the owner of the bungalow. By the way, the lesson is learned from this incident, that whenever you buy a new house or bungalow, one should not only look at the inner glow, but should also look around the house, so that there is no regret later.

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