The secret of the hotel conspiracy is hidden under white sheets…

Whether the hotel is 5 stars or 2 stars, white sheets are often laid all over. Have you ever thought that the white colored sheet gets dirty so quickly, yet why don’t you put another color sheet when it is difficult to clean them.

There is no major reason behind the laying of white sheets in hotels. But what we are going to tell you will also surprise you. White sheets are laid in the hotel bedrooms so that the dirt can be easily seen and cleaned from time to time. Therefore, most things in hotels are kept white.

Let us tell you that before 1990, hotels used to use colored sheets. Because the dirt on these colored sheets was not easily visible.

Hotel chain ‘The Westin’ conducted a survey in which it was found out what is the luxury life of the people. It was revealed in this survey that people use only colored sheets in their homes. Apart from this, white color helps in reducing stress.

For this reason the hotel industry uses white colored sheets to calm the minds of the people. Apart from this, the dirt gets caught quickly on white color. The white sheet is easy to clean. Hundreds of hotel white sheets are bleached more than washed. For this reason it is easy to clean them or wash their stains.

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