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The procession was welcomed by paying just one rupee, the marriage became an example for the society without any extra expense


Today the problem of taking and giving dowry has become a deep topic in the country. While on one hand the country is climbing the stairs of success today, on the other hand such problems are making the country worse inside. Today, there are reports that due to dowry to the girl who has become multiple in the house, she is being tortured in her in-laws or she is facing problems. But our post today is going to be a little different. In this, we are going to tell you about such a marriage which has come as an example for our society.

This is the whole matter of Haryana in India, where such a marriage has taken place, which remains the subject of discussions among the people. The people of this wedding are seen to be high praise. But according to us, by doing nothing like this, all of us should think seriously about it and it should also come down in our private life. The specialty in this marriage is that this entire marriage has been completed in just one rupee and many people like you are surprised to know this.

The specialty of this marriage completed in just one rupee was that there was no unnecessary expenditure in it. Playing any kind of songs, fireworks were not spent, and very calmly the groom brought a wedding with some relatives and attended the wedding ceremony. This entire marriage was completed without any dowry or cash. And now after the marriage of these two, their wedding pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The wedding, which took place in Adampur area in Sirsa, Haryana, became an example for the country and also created a new mentality among the people. Talking about this couple, the groom’s name was Balendra and his wife’s name was Kanta. Balendra had such a wish that without any dowry and extravagance, he would marry. With this, he had said such things that even after doing any unnecessary ritual, he will not waste money.

The groom said that taking his daughter from mother Pita is too much for him and now he will not be more grateful to him with something else. But it was customary at the bride’s house that Barat, who came to the house, is welcomed by paying some money, in honor of which the bride’s father presented a rupee and a coconut and then the wedding was concluded after Barat’s reception. There have also been reports that even after returning to their village after getting married, the groom did not show any kind and reached home with his wife with utmost simplicity.

If we say that both of them are married, now in both villages this marriage is in a very special discussion.

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