The person who pushed the 251 smartphone now has cashew-spices …..

Five years ago, Mohit Goyal, who accused him of giving a smartphone for Rs 251, was arrested along with his partner by the police. This time he is accused of cheating billions of rupees from thousands of people in the name of nuts and spices. Police have recovered two luxury cars and other belongings from him.

Complaint was filed on 24 December

The fraudster of 251 smartphones has done scam in cashew-spice

Additional Commissioner of Police Law and Order Luv Kumar said that Rohit Mohan, who sells wholesale fruits and spices, had lodged a complaint on December 24 at police station Sector-58 that some people in sector-62 under the name ‘Dubai Dry Foods Hub Opening the company, giving 40% of the amount, bought fruits and spices worth lakhs of rupees from it and gave it 40% of the money through cash and 60% of the check. These checks were of forward date which later bounced. When he went to the company for questioning in this regard, no one was found there and it was revealed that he had cheated other people in this way.

Fraud worth billions of rupees

The fraudster of 251 smartphones has done scam in cashew-spice

When the police started investigating the matter, it was found that they had cheated billions of rupees from thousands of people across the country in this way. On Monday, on the information of the informer, Sector-58 police station arrested Mohit Goyal resident Sector-50 and Om Prakash Jangid resident Jaipur. The Additional Commissioner of Police said that during interrogation, the accused have so far admitted to cheating 40 people in the name of buying fruits and spices.

14 people named, 70 victims surfaced

ADCP Ranvijay Singh said that 14 people have been named in this case and the names of other accused are also coming up. In the same case, Sumit Yadav was also arrested earlier and he is also associated with the same company. By late evening 70 such people have come in front of the police from whom their doors were cheated and their number is still claimed to increase.

MD and President used to make unknown people

ADCP Ranvijay Singh said that Mohit Goel had cheated billions of rupees from more than a thousand people all over the country. Whatever company is opened by him for fraud, his MD, President and proprietor are made to unknown persons who do not really have anything to do with the company. He puts them on salary every month and uses them as dummies, while in reality he does all the work himself from behind the scenes.

Wrong cases filed in police stations

Whoever files a case against it, he files a case against him based on the wrong facts. Investigation has revealed that such cases have also been registered in Surajpur police station and Kankarkheda police station in Meerut. After committing this fraud against the officers of his own company, he has filed a lawsuit in other places.

To trap people, it also makes them a victim of honeytrap, which has been revealed in 2018. In which it trapped five traders of Rajasthan in a honeytrap and recovered crores from them. During this time, he was arrested while recovering 25 lakhs in Delhi.

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