The dead body of the jawan reached home, started the immortal slogan

The mortal remains of the army subedar Sudhakar Singh, who sacrificed his life on the Chinese border in Arunachal Pradesh, arrived home from the ambulance on Wednesday evening. As soon as the body reached the body, Karun Krantan of the family members changed the atmosphere of the area. The mortal remains will be cremated at the martyr’s site in the village at 10 am on Thursday. For which the preparations were completed on Wednesday itself.
Let us tell you that Sudhakar Singh, a resident of Gode, a resident of Kotwali, posted in Assam, was deteriorated during the snowfall on the Chinese border during duty on Sunday night. On arrival at the hospital, the doctors declared him dead.

His body reached Varanasi by airplane on Wednesday. The ambulance was accompanied by his wife Sujatha Singh and daughter Khushi, sons Manas and Lakshya Singh. The body reached the house at Gode amid the presence of administrative staff.
After which there was chaos. Meanwhile, slogans of Veer Sudhakar Singh Amar Rahe were also chanted. In the afternoon, Sadar MLA Rajkumar Pal, SDM Sadar Mohanlal Gupta, BDO Sadar Akansha, CO City Abhay Pandey and others reached out and expressed condolences to the family members. Bhai Prabhakar Singh said that the funeral will take place on Thursday at the martyr site built in the village.

Three hours ago, the information about the sacrifice of the son’s life was found

The news of Naib Subedar Sudhakar Singh sacrificing his life during the defense of the country was not reported to his mother Kamala Devi. He is ill for some days. Three hours ago, Kamla Devi came to know about her son Sudhakar Singh’s departure from the world. Upon reaching the dead body, she kept crying.

Family members waiting for the body of the army subedar

The family kept watching while waiting for the body of Subedar Shyamlal Yadav of the army. His body did not reach home until the news was sent. Shyamlal Yadav (58), a resident of Puranpur Khajur Sukhpur of Jethwara, was posted as Subedar in the Army at Dibrugarh in Assam. On the night of 26 December, he met unconscious on his bed. Friends admitted to medical college.
On receiving the news, elder son Ashok Kumar reached Army Hospital in Dibrugarh. But on February 4, the army soldier breathed his last. There was chaos in the house as soon as the news was received. On Wednesday, the family kept staring at the path waiting for Shyamlal’s body. Army soldiers had not reached his body until the news was sent.
His wife Suryakali had a bad health. Elder son Ashok Kumar is an animal friend and son Shobha Yadav is married. Younger son Alok is a farmer. His mother, Small Goddess, was becoming stunned crying. The mortal remains will be cremated on Thursday.

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