The dacoit challenged the police with an encounter, said – even if dead, it will be hated for 1000 years

Omvir alias Laden Gurjar, a notorious dacoit of ten thousand in Dhaulpur district of Rajasthan, has challenged the police administration by making videos viral on social media. This video of about 2 minutes and 5 seconds has been viral on social media.

In the video that went viral on social media, the dacoit laden is expressing his anguish on one side and on the other side is also threatening the police about the encounter.

In the viral video, the dacoit laden is also accusing the Bari MLA of the district Girraj Singh Malinga for pressuring the police against him. The dacoit laden is talking about the encounter that killing Omvir aka Laden is not a small thing. Even if he dies, his hatred will last for a thousand years.

Significantly, the dacoit Omvir alias Laden became active again in the world of crime after being released from jail. Recently, the dacoit Omvir alias Laden took viral video on social media on 25 November 2020 by taking a young man hostage and brutally beating him with waste material in Kanchanpur police station area. After that, the employees of the canal contractor in Basedi police station area were beaten up and demanded extortion of Rs 10 lakh.

In Dholpur district, about a dozen prosecutions have been registered against the dacoit laden in the serious sections, about which the district police has declared a reward of 10,000. The dacoit laden was also involved in the incident with the Keshav gang in an encounter between the dacoit Keshav gang and police in Basideang police station area. In the information received from the sources, the police is searching for the dacoit laden and the young man who made the video viral. The police are also combing continuously in the ravines.

In this regard, SHO Lakhon Singh of Kanchanpur police station told that Omvir alias Laden, a prize of ten thousand, is making the video viral to bring fear to the people. Investigation is being done in this matter.

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