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The 22-year-old has three wives and four children, now helping wives find a fourth bride


Nowadays the new generation does not believe in getting married early. Everyone is engaged in brightening their career by first reading and writing. But the story of a Pakistani youth is almost different and surprising. Knowing the story of a person living here, maybe you too will be thinking once. So far they have done three marriages, and the most surprising thing is that now they want to get a fourth marriage. In which his three wives are supporting him in finding his fourth wife.

According to reports, Adnan’s first marriage took place at the age of 16. Adnan Sialkot hails from Pakistan. He used to study when he was married. At the age of 20, he married for the second time and he had done his third marriage 1 year earlier. The names of the three wives of Adnan begin with the letter “S”. This is the special thing among those three. The names of the three wives of Adnan are Shumbal, Shubana, and Shahida. Now Adnan is also looking for his fourth wife by the letter “S”.

Adnan said that he is capable of handling his wives. He said that I buy a dress for all three together. Eat food together, and do everything together. Describing the expenses of his month, he said that lakh reaches one and a half. Adnan said about his business and said that he works to sell sports car. He told that after marriage he has got more progress in business. Adnan also has 4 children, including three wives.

There are many quarrels between husband and wife. Adnan then has three wives. But Adnan proved to be very lucky in this matter, that his three wives never fight each other, nor does any wife have jealousy with each other. His first wife Shumbal allowed him to have a second marriage. His second wife Shubana allowed him to marry Shahida, and now the three wives are searching for his fourth wife.

However there are many Muslim youth like Adnan who have done more than one marriage. But Adnan’s story is completely different from these. The reason for this is his three wives. Who are happy to share the husband with each other and are now fully ready to give their rights to the fourth wife. Now it will have to be seen how long the prayers of these wives finally bring color and Adnan gets the support of his fourth wife.

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