Terrorist attack in Kashmir: First beneficiary of Article 370 killed, big warning

The militants killed a jeweler in Jammu and Kashmir. The jeweler who was killed is the first non-Kashmiri resident to obtain residence proof in Jammu and Kashmir in the land law changes after Article 370 was removed. Jeweler Satpal Nishchil has been living as a tenant in Kashmir for 25 years but when he got the citizenship of Kashmir under the legal process, the terrorists killed Nishchil to raise terror against the law.

Kashmir jeweler Satpal Nishchil killed by terrorists

In fact, if the Modi government at the Center amended Article 370 by repealing the law giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir, then people who had been residing in Kashmir without buying citizenship and property for years, would be expected of such people. One of these Punjabi jeweler Satpal Nishil 370 became the first person to receive Domicile Certificate after its removal.

First person to get Domicile Certificate of Satpal Kashmir

They were living in Kashmir for 25 years and were progressing on the strength of hard work but were living on rent due to lack of right to buy property. After getting the residence certificate, he built his magnificent house in Indiranagar, a posh area of ​​Srinagar.

Trying to indicate terrorists

But after being killed by the terrorists, it is said that this Domicile certificate was the reason for his murder. According to the sources, the terrorists tried to indicate through this murder that if people outside Kashmir thought of taking residence certificate here, this would be their fate. However, the police is investigating the matter in depth. At the same time, scared family and close friends have refused to speak anything in this matter.

Article 370 property right to buy

Significantly, after the removal of article 370, outsiders living in Kashmir got the legal right to buy property and get residence certificate. It was also strongly opposed in Kashmir.

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