T. Natarajan used to sleep hungry stomach is a famous Yorker today

Cricket game in India is such a topic which remains in the discussions all the time. At the same time, since the IPL ended in the year 2020, the name of a new fast gaggender has spread rapidly in India. Yes, we are talking about the new fast bowler T Natarajan of the Indian team who is being considered as the new Yorker bowler of India after Jasprit Bumrah.

Recently, he has given a great performance on Team India’s tour of Australia, but do you know T Natarajan used to sell chicken on the roads before becoming a cricketer.

Poverty so much that T. Natarajan used to sleep hungry

T. Natarajan

Let us tell you that T. Natarajan was born in the year 1991 in a small village in Salem district in Tamil Nadu. He was born in a very poor family, because his father used to do a small job in a power loom. However, the expenses of the house could not be met from this job, so his mother used to run her small chicken stall on the side of the road to meet the expenses.

Due to having 5 siblings including T. Natarajan in the house, sometimes everyone had to sleep hungry. You can think for yourself how difficult it must have been for Natarajan, who lives in poverty, to be a part of the Indian cricket team.

T Natarajan did not have the money to buy the shoes

T. Natarajan

Natarajan never gave up hope even under such strict conditions, and always kept working hard, trusting herself. At the same time, like the other Indian children, he also loved playing cricket from childhood, where T. Natarajan started playing cricket from the age of just 5. Although he was getting better in cricket with the passage of time, but due to not getting the necessary goods, he was facing many problems in his life.

Let me tell you that at that time they did not even have so much money, that they could buy shoes for themselves. Their circumstances can only be ascertained from the fact that they also saw the cricket leather ball for the first time at the age of 20 years. Because before this Natarajan had been practicing with tennis ball.

A. Jayaprakash supported Natarajan

T. Natarajan

Let me tell you that there was no lack of ability in Natarajan from the beginning. Natarajan was so adept at his cricket game that people from his vicinity used to come only to watch his cricket. Although he was unable to make his career in cricket due to poor economic conditions, it is said that those who try it are never defeated, the same saying came true when a person named I Jayaprakash supported Natarajan.

He sent Natarajan to Chennai to play at his expense and due to this Natarajan considers him to be his elder brother and also his god father.

T. Natarajan

Not only this, Jai Prakash also took care of his family in the absence of Natarajan. That is why Natarajan has also said many times that without his help, he would not have reached this stage in cricket, but he would have been working in his village or a factory.

After moving to Chennai in 2011, he got a chance to play in a domestic tournament in Tamil Nadu and from here he first came in the eyes of people associated with Kirkette.

T Natarajan was a great champion in Yorker bowling

T. Natarajan

Actually, Natarajan had great ability to bowl yorker. Due to which he can still put every ball of the over in the exact yorker. By the way, after playing the domestic tournament in Tamil Nadu, Natarajan started getting a chance to play many tournaments. He first played fourth division cricket for Tamil Nadu Cricket Association where he was included in Vijay Cricket Club due to his tremendous performance.

For this club, Natarajan continued to play first division cricket for a year and then one day a cricket coach caught sight of Natarajan and he was so impressed with his bowling that he invited Natarajan to play in his club.

Playing with this club was a big thing for Natarajan, because big players like Ashwin and Murali Vijay have joined this club. At the same time, the benefit of joining this club was that his public identity started coming from the big people associated with cricket. His game also started coming in the eyes of such people so that he could get a chance to move forward.

Ranji Trophy dropped in 2014

T. Natarajan

After a lot of hard work, T. Natarajan was finally selected in the Tamil Nadu team for the 2014 Ranji Trophy and it was one of the biggest achievements of his life. But it could not last for long. Actually, questions were raised on his bowling action during the trial, due to which he was shown the way out of the team.

Now such an incident in the beginning of his career was a matter of frustration for any player, but Natarajan did not give up and to improve his bowling he used former Tamil Nadu cricketers Sunil Subramaniam, Diwakar Vasu and M Venkentraman Took help Due to which Natarajan made unprecedented improvements in his bowling in a very short time.

Dhoni was also dismissed

T. Natarajan

First time in year 2017 T. Natarajan Was bought by Kings Alban Punjab for the entire IPL for the IPL match, but Natarajan managed to take only 2 wickets in the entire series. After which he had to separate from the team. At the same time, in the year 2019, Natarajan was bought by Hyderabad Sunrisers for only 40 lakhs. After which, when he got a chance in the year 2020, he showed it amazingly.

In this season, the big batsmen of the world were not able to get a teak in front of their bowling, and their yorker was so accurate that even a batsman like Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not bat. Overall, Natarajan bowled economically and took a total of 16 wickets, in which Natarajan also dismissed a big batsman like Virat Kohli.

Made a place in Australia tour on the basis of ability

T. Natarajan

Due to T Natarajan’s tremendous performance in IPL, he was selected for Team India’s tour of Australia. In this way Natarajan’s dream of playing for India came true, which many people believe is impossible. At the same time, Natarajan played one ODI and 3 T20 matches in this tour and by taking a total of 8 wickets in these four matches, he proved that he will be a part of the bowling attack for the Indian team in the coming time.

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