Sydney test: Ashwin wept bitterly as he reached the hotel room on the fifth day, wife told the truth!

Ashwin’s wife has told in her article in the Indian Express how she did not go to the ground on the last day of the Sydney Test.

New Delhi, Jan 14: Team India may not have won in Sydney, but despite the draw, Indian cricket fans will remember this match for a long time, the players of Team India drew the match with their restraint and fearless style, in drawing this match. Off-spinner Ashwin had a big hand, he performed brilliantly with the bat and cooled the fiery bowlers of the Kangaroo bowlers, Ashwin scored an unbeaten 39, facing 128 balls, batting for nearly three hours with Hanuma. are. Ashwin’s innings is one of the most special moments of his Test career.

Ashwin cried bitterly
Ashwin’s wife, in her article in the Indian Express, told how she did not go to the ground on the last day of the Sydney Test, how emotional it was for her to see her husband playing in pain, as well as Preity told that the match was over Later, when Ashwin came to the hotel room, his feelings were at a peak, Preeti Ashwin revealed that one night before the match, I sleep with my two daughters in separate rooms so that Ashwin can get complete rest, Sydney Test. On the fifth day of the morning, when I woke up, Ashwin was in terrible pain,

Ashwin told me that I think I have to go to the physio room, luckily the physio room was right next to us, Ashwin was not able to bow down, could not stand up straight after sitting, I was surprised, because I had never seen him like this, I asked him how would you bat, then he answered me, I don’t know, but I will find a solution, just let me go to the field, then our daughter Adhya said leave today. Take father, when Ashwin got this from the room, it seemed to me that after a few hours the call would come, that he has been taken to the hospital for a scan.

Did not go to the stadium
Preity said that on the fifth day of the Sydney Test, I did not go to the ground, the bio bubble is more difficult for us than the fans, because we live with the players, I went to the third day of the game, but I didn’t want to go on the last day of the game, I was in my room, and for the first time in my life, I gave my kids a free hand to watch TV, I said what you want to see See, because of the kids, I was not able to watch the match in an occasional way, but on that day I had decided that I would watch the fifth day of the Sydney Test without any hindrance.

Wife got upset
Preeti said that I found my husband standing in the dressing room, I knew that Ashwin must be thinking that if he sat, then he would not be able to stand, this made me nervous, meaning he is not feeling well right now. Were, ashwin 41 Penn Killers had not started showing any effect till now, similar thoughts were coming in my mind, when Ashwin came to bat, then the question came in my mind that how will he bat, Preity further told me that my husband I had no idea what to expect from him, but when Ashwin’s face appeared on the screen, I realized that he has gone into his zone, I have seen this kind of trust on his face many times before. Is, the ball on the ground, on his hands, on the shoulder and once in the ribs, the physio went to him, I knew that this was going to happen in Australia, and he was able to withstand such balls, but Ashwin I was worried about the back pain, so I was worried that such balls would make them more difficult.

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