Suresh Raina and Guru Randhawa arrested, arrested for breaking the rules of COVID-19

Team india Legendary player Suresh Raina and famous singer Guru Randhawa have been arrested in Mumbai late at night. In the meantime, police raided and 34 others along with Raina, Randhawa, along with 34 people, were partying in the Dragons’ Fly Pub, right next to the International Airport, while detaining them for filing an FIR for breaking the Kovid 19 rule. have been taken.

Suresh Raina and Guru Randhawa arrested for breaking the rules

Suresh Raina

Actually International Cricket Suresh Raina, who retired from India, and famous singer Guru Randhawa were partying with about 34 people in Mumbai’s Dragon Fly Pub. While the rules of Kovid 19 were being flown in public, neither was anyone wearing a mask nor social distance was being followed. The party was all started, meanwhile, the police conducted raids and took all 34 people in the party, including Suresh Raina and Guru Randhawa, into custody. All the people in the party drank alcohol.

Suresh Raina

Action has been taken against a 34-year-old cricketer under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 for breaking the rules of Kovid 19 in a five-star hotel, including Guru Randhawa. If sources are to be believed, in this party film Many big personalities related to the world were present, but the name of no one has been revealed yet.

Released on the vine

Suresh Raina

Significantly, Suresh Raina has missed the bell late night, along with Guru Randhawa has also been released. Along with this, legal action has been taken on the club operator. Let me tell you that Suresh Raina has been surrounded by discussions due to a new reason every time in the year 2020. Be aware, during the conduct of IPL in the UAE, Raina surprised his fans by retiring with Mahendra Singh Dhoni on 15 August.

What is the relation of corona to section 188

Suresh Raina

The declaration of lockdown was enacted under the Pandemic Law 1887 to fight the Corona Vires. This law provided that if a person violates the instructions given by the government in lockdown, then he will be prosecuted under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code 1860. Also, if a person is found to be breaking the rules of Kovid 19 after the lockdown, then he will be arrested immediately. Therefore, action was taken against Suresh Raina and Guru Randhawa.

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