Sunny Deol is still 8 years younger than her second mother Hema Malini at the age, there is estrangement between mother and son

Famous Bollywood actor Dharmendra has done two weddings. Dharmendra’s first marriage was when he was only 19, his first wife’s name is Prakash Kaur.

Prakash Kaur and Dharmendra have four children, two sons Sunny and Bobby Deol and two daughters named Winner and Ajeta. When Dharmendra came into the film industry, he remarried to Hema Malini.

Dharmendra had also changed his religion for this marriage. The love story of Dharmendra and Hema is very interesting but there was a lot of uproar at Dharmendra’s house due to the marriage of both of them. It has been a long time for Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s marriage. But his family still has this problem.

Sunny Deol’s mother lives with her and Bobby Deol in a separate house in Mumbai. And if we talk about Hema Malini, then in all these years, Hema has never gone where Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur lives with her family.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra have two daughters Isha Deol and Ahana Deol. Please tell that even Sunny and Bobby Deol have not been able to take Isha Deol and Ahana Deol till today.

Even Sunny and Bobby Deol did not attend Isha Deol’s wedding, while Hema Malini invited them.

Let us tell you that there is very little difference between the age of Sunny Deol and her second mother Hema Malini. Sonny is now 64 years old where Hema is 72 years old. Hema Malini is only 8 years older than Sunny Deol.


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