Street dog did this in a fight between two women, had to be ashamed

Because of street dogs, every person gets into trouble at some time or the other. Often they get to see the incident of terror. One such incident America Has arrived from El Salvador. Where he was embarrassed by the behavior of an Amora dog.

What is the whole point, let us know in our special report

2 women were fighting in the street


In fact, a quarrel between two women started in Alsalvador, America, the matter went so far that both of them got into a scuffle. They started kicking each other. The people standing nearby were enjoying the event completely.


Nobody tried to defend the beach. Meanwhile incident A bunch of dogs arrived at the site. This incident is being reported on 7 December.

Street dog embarrassed woman


Both of these Women The fight was going on when a bunch of dogs came to the scene and started making noise on seeing them. Meanwhile, an Avra ​​dog pulled the leggings of a woman, which made her private part visible to everyone. The woman was ashamed of this incident. But this quelled the quarrel between them.


Let me tell you that this incident was captured in a young man standing on his camera and shared it on social media, due to which this video became viral.

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