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Son martyred for the country, now mother is giving free education to 400 poor children


When a soldier becomes a martyr for his country, then no one can know the grief of his departure more than the family. The parents are completely shattered upon hearing the news of their martyrdom. Especially if the mother hears the news of her son’s death, it is completely broken, but today we are going to tell you about a mother who is not broken after her son’s martyrdom, but it educates the poor children. She is doing Let me tell you that Air Force Squadron Leader Shishir Tiwari, who lives in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, was martyred in the MI-17 helicopter accident 2 years ago i.e. on 6 October 2017. The whole country cried on his martyrdom, but what his mother did for him is more than the Guard of Honor. Yes, after losing her darling son, the mother has made the poor children her son and she is working to educate them and improve their lives.

Martyr’s mother educating 400 poor children

Let us tell you that the mother of martyr Shishir Tiwari is named Savita Tiwari. He has kept them alive even after losing his son. Savita Tiwari is doing a noble job of educating poor and deprived children. He started this noble cause after his son was martyred. Savita Tiwari is teaching poor children to fulfill their dreams. They say that if a son has been martyred in the service of the country, what, I consider these children as my son and will send them in the army so that it can serve all the country. Savita Tiwari ji had said in her damp voice that the goers go away, but to make a sacrifice for their sacrifice is in the hands of the people left behind. Savita Tiwari ji is not only keeping her son’s martyrdom in this noble cause, but is not even knowing how many children are busy preparing for the service of the country.

Savita Tiwari teaches 5 days a week

Let us tell you that Shishir Tiwari’s father Sharad Tiwari is retired from Air Force as Group Captain. Mother Kavita Tiwari handled herself well after the son’s martyrdom, later she decided to give a new direction to the society. Savita Tiwari ji says that she took up the task of educating the society in memory of her son, so that poor children can start working by reading and writing. Though Savita Tiwari ji has been doing this work for destitute children for a long time, but after the son’s departure, she was fully devoted to her work. It teaches poor and destitute children 5 to 4 hours 5 days a week. It is providing free education to about 400 economically weaker children.

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